The Entrepreneur


Charlie is a well-respected entrepreneur with a profound passion and vision for creating innovative solutions, driving business growth within his community. In 2000, Charlie embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since. He opened his first tattoo shop, and shortly after, Charlie obtained his Insurance license certification, establishing his own office. There, he successfully managed a team of 10 licensed agents.

Driven by his relentless ambition, Charlie expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio into the real estate industry in 2007. Recognizing the importance and value of community support, Charlie joined the Southwest Chicago Chamber of Commerce as a Board member in 2022. His primary goal within the Chamber is to assist individuals in his community to becoming business owners and to help expand any existing enterprises to higher levels of success.

Charlie has dedicated an immeasurable amount of time and effort to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the tools necessary to guide others in their own entrepreneurial pursuits. He is committed to helping his community by showcasing his skills and experience to those in need.

Currently, Charlie is launching a groundbreaking company born from his own personal struggles. Since 2011, Charlie had battled with weight, diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Charlie did extensive research and developed his own unique juice recipe, containing 24 ingredients. Combined with exercise and lifestyle changes, Charlie was able to discontinue his prescribed medication (per his Doctor's authorization) and has lost over 100 pounds!

Charlie's incredible transformation has served as an inspiration to his loved ones, friends, and colleagues alike. Many have followed his lead by adopting his new juice recipe, resulting in amazing improvements in their own lives. Charlie is excited for the opportunity to bring that same amazing recipe to you and your own loved ones.

Motivated by his personal success stories, Charlie is now determined to influence and motivate others through his platforms. His drive, discipline, and unwavering dedication to his community has not only helped him regain his healthy lifestyle, but it has positively impacted his financial, spiritual, and self-awareness in his own life. Charlie feels blessed to witness such tremendous changes within himself and finds immense satisfaction for the opportunity to support and inspire others to follow his lead.

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